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CfA: Digital Southeast European Studies Student Symposium

We invite bachelor’s and master’s students to present their current work and projects. Application deadline for proposals: 5 February 2023


The Southeast European Studies (SEES) Student Symposium aims at creating an opportunity for networking among SEES students and students who have a subject-related connection to Southeast Europe. It will provide a platform for
exchange and feedback on current research papers (seminar papers, bachelor’s and master’s theses, etc.) and projects. There are no limits to the choice of topics: We are curious to know what is interesting to you and where you see areas for further exchange in relation to Southeast Europe.

Therefore, we call for presentations on papers or work-in-progress (WIP) reports and explicitly encourage you to come with open questions when presenting your own research. This can then be discussed with the audience.

Who can apply?

We invite bachelor’s and master’s students as well as master’s graduates who are currently in the application process for predoc and doc scholarships to discuss their current work and projects. We welcome contributions from all disciplines such as cultural studies, literary studies, linguistics, history, political science, religious studies, social sciences, and all others as long as the topic is related to Southeast Europe. 

Date of the event: 31 March to 1 April 2023 (online)

If you are interested in doing a 15-minute presentation on your current work, please email us an abstract of your project (max. 300 words) as well as a paragraph about yourself (max. 100 words). The choice of research topic
is free, but a reference to Southeast Europe should be evident. The presentation will be followed by a 20-minute discussion. Abstracts may only be submitted in English.

We also invite you to submit proposals for participatory workshops (45 or 90 minutes). The aim of the workshops should be to introduce different research methods or to share experiences with collaborative work.

We welcome your initiative for organising creative and cultural activities. Some ideas could be:

  • A film or book review from or about SEE,
  • Presentation of musicians or bands from SEE,
  • Moderating an open conversation about a specific topic for the participants of the Symposium (e.g. feminism, LGBTIQ+, environmental movements…)

Application deadline for proposals: 5 February 2023

Pease send your application to symposium.see@gmail.com

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